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Does the employee's problem hinder the development of small businesses? In the interview process is easy to find some problems, so you can avoid the first to hire this person. Office problem Others (such as theft) are so bad that you can quickly motivate employees to eliminate problems and people. But the behavior of most of the staff is more insidious, only in the staff with you after a period of time, the problem will become obvious behavior. Many small business owners do not like the conflict, so they work hard to solve the problem of life and solve bad behavior. But a bad apple really destroyed a lot. If you are seen as ignoring the problem worker, others will begin to perform poorly.

Office problem solution by baba ji

Sometimes Nellie’s did not even realize that they were negative. Because negative people tend to be defensive, it is important to have some concrete evidence before talking to them. Office problem solution by baba ji Track their negative comments on others and any visible impact. When you have a few examples, sit down and talk to Nelly frankly. Share some of the comments she has made and explain how they affect other people in the office. Explains how important it is to keep morale, and her negativity hurts these efforts. You will soon find out if Nelly is just a person who does not think or is really dissatisfied with the job will be negative comments. If the former, your opinion may make her shocked, you can set goals, let her think before the speech, and become a more active team. If it is the latter, you may want to consider letting her go.

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